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CTools Tips and Tricks

The CTools are a set of community-driven tools which are installed as a stack on top of the Pentaho BA server. They extend the Pentaho platform capabilities by providing a framework for more flexible development. This blog covers few tips and trick for developing CCC (Community Charting Components) and using the CGG (Community Graphics Generator).

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Setting up a Pentaho server as a Windows service

1. Download the 64-bit version of Apache Tomcat that matches the Apache Tomcat version that was bundled with the PDI Server

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PCM 16

9th annual PCM in Europe.

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Pentaho acquired by HDS

Pentaho acquired by HDS - what it means for Australia and New Zealand

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5 reasons you should be using RAIDS? (Redundant arrays of Inexpensive Data Stores )

It's a well known fact IT people in particular obsess about where they are storing their data. We read benchmarks and other performance measures to see what's up, whether our Database is still cutting the mustard or we should think about (sigh) moving on and starting a migration effort.

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The Innovative CIO's Analytics strategy

The value of a long-term strategy in analytics, reporting and BI.

We have been working with many of our clients for many years on their analytics solutions. In a lot of cases, the early projects were POCs and departmental solutions. However, with these long-term customers, they have recognised the value of a strategic analytics platform with no limits.  This blog post by Pedro Alves talks ...

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Build a Streamlined Data Refinery

With the surge of data over the last few years, it has been a complex task for many businesses to get real value from Big Data. 

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Pentaho World 2014 - BizCubed wins APAC partner of the year award

BizCubed is excited to announce it has won the Pentaho Partner of the Year for APAC at Pentaho World 2014.  We were really excited to be part of the first Pentaho World conference.  This was the first time customers, partners, and users got together with Pentaho. The conference was in Orlando and there was a real buzz that comes when a smart technology company is shifting from being a niche ...

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Kettle turns up Xero!

Integrating to from Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)

One of the things I love about Pentaho is its great data management tool PDI, or 'Kettle' as it's known. Pentaho can load in and write out over 100 different data sources. It's the ultimate tool for data munging - I've never seen anything in its league for diversity and capability.

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Why I believe Open Analytics is the best path for your organisation

1. Being captain of your ship. Owning your future. 

Having been around in IT for 30+ years as a software developer, consultant and business owner, I've bet the farm a few times on various vendor 'stacks'. Eventually I came to realise it's best to be future proof and not rely on any one vendor. Any open analytics tool that helps me abstract myself from hard choices and retains usefulness (a ...

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